Nature at its Best

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February - April 2021

The Orchid Island Art Club is open to all Club members and is an active membership including workshops and member exhibits.


Started in 2012 as a fundraising event in a spec home on the river for Habitat for Humanity, residents in our community who were artistically inclined were asked to donate a painting, a print, a photograph, a sculpture or other works for this cause. Everyone attending the event were amazed at all the talent from visual artists to basket weavers and jewelry makers. There was indeed much talent to showcase. 

Then Orchid Island Activities Coordinator, Jackie Kennedy, along with General Manager Rob Tench were approached by Club member Michele Henry with the request for an Art Club to join the list of other clubs here in Orchid. Painting and other art forms are for many a hobby, for others a profession, but one thing we have in common is to spread the beauty that surrounds us. 

It is a joy to share that with the viewer. “It is not what you look at, it is what you see.” It is our sincere pleasure to be a part of the ELC where inspiration abounds. Your Gallery is state of the art and we hope you and your members and guests enjoy “Nature at Its Best!!" 

Ruth Martin & Nancy Osteen, Co-Presidents 

Judy Stach, Coordinator 


MUCI CLEMENS - From still life to landscapes and portraits, Muci Clemens paints in a representational, impressionistic style with oil and pastel. Her work is influenced by the rebirth of nature, the dependable cycle of life, peaceful and pensive, filled with light and a colorful palette. 

SUSAN ATWOOD DANIELS - Susan has been a folk artist for 25 years with studios on Nantucket Island and Vero Beach. Creating museum-quality Nantucket Lightship Baskets, handcrafted beaded jewelry, and acrylic paintings on stretched canvases in addition she has created watercolors, oil, and mixed media works. Using her colorful, whimsical impressionistic style, Susan is also available to create custom pieces that will complement your decor in color, size, and theme. Website: www.sdaniels.artspan.com 

MICHELE HENRY - Moving full-time to Florida 10 years ago, Michele realized that this was the next fun stage in life, recording the beautiful scenery, sunrises and sunsets, wildlife, lagoon, and ocean with little changes here and there to make them her own. Michele started out painting Plein Air at Archie Jones' Fishhouse and then the sun began to set, out came the camera, and the rest is history. 

LOU LOWER - Following his retirement from an executive career in investments and insurance, Lou discovered photography as an activity that would "exercise both the left and right sides of his brain." Starting from scratch seven years ago, he began to learn the technical side of camera operations... and then how to harness all the camera's control dials to enhance the creative expression of what he wanted to convey in his images. 

RUTH MARTIN - Having traveled extensively, Ruth has always look for fascinating, beautiful, and memorable things or places that will be painted onto the memory postcards and perhaps later into a painting. Loving the Florida flora, wildlife, skies, clouds, and water as well as the spectacular beauty of Northern Canada's Lake Region now, gives plenty of inspiration. Much of her career has been in watercolor, but in the last years, oils have been her favorite. 

CREE SCUDDER - For Cree, painting is a passion that comes with a special attachment to the landscape and seascape of Vero Beach. Cree has been a dedicated painter for over 25 years. Her experiences have included studying art in Princeton, NJ, La Jolla, CA and Vero Beach, Fl. Currently, my favorite mediums are acrylic paint and collage. Missing a day of art is a sad day for Cree, as her love for working with color and balance is a challenge that will never disappear. 

JUDY STACH - Judy's work has appeared in several magazines nationwide, recently her forty-year retrospective was the featured article in Jersy Shoe Magazine Spring Summer 2020. Judy's teaching includes workshops and classes in both FL and NJ. Judy started the Plein Air Painters of the Jersey Coast in 1998 and it continues today. A signature member of the American Impressionist Society and Emeritus Member of the Salmagundi Club of NY and an Elected Member of Audubon Artists to name a few. Her full Bio can be found on her website.  Judy is represented by West Wind Fine Art in NH and Frederick Gallery Spring Lake NJ  web site for more information www.judystach.com