Florida Flourishes Her Colorful Skirts

January - July 2020

"One might say that I see the world through rose colored glasses. The colors, shapes and textures of the world I inhabit beguile and delight me and form the foundation for my work."

In my art, I seek to capture that endearing moment in time that reflects the energy, the oneness of my subject. My inspiration is external rather than internal. That external stimulation is easily identified in my work. Along with me, the viewer experiences the change in colors, subject matter and the spirit of the work as I make the semi-annual migration from the north woods of Minnesota to the Treasure Coast of Florida. 

While much of my work explores the land, waters and critters of my world, my world view changes depending on the space I inhabit. My light-hearted and happy Florida collection is vibrant with the sunsets, seascapes and the distinctive birds and fauna of the lush Florida landscape. The waters of the lagoon and the ocean provide an endless variety of moods and colors to explore. 

To capture the sense of my subject I use both impressionist and representational painting approaches. When up north, my work changes and is inhabited with waterlily strewn lakes, canoes, birch and pine forests and the fields and flowers of the northern Minnesota landscape. Along with the change in subject matter, my color and tone choices echo the environmental influences of those physical spaces. 

Someone once told me that my work is happily approachable. To me, it speaks of the shapes, colors and enchanting display of nature in the world we joyfully share.


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