American Pickers

December 2020 - February 2021

"Although I spent less than a few hours in the grove, I knew something magical had happened. Inspiration had grabbed me. Painting the scenes became a compulsion. The undeniable truth of my statement is that in just a few hours in the grove among the workers and taking photos with a cell phone, I was inspired and energized to the point of working more than ten weeks creating pieces of work that I feel tell a story. I'm convinced it was a magical moment for me with the proof being in the effort, not necessarily the output. I'll leave that part to each individual who views them."

Tony Rosa is a big fan of the television program, "American Pickers." Although he has a few things in common with pickers Mike and Frank (including being a native of Nashville), Rosa's work has nothing to do with any episode of the series.

On second thought, maybe there is one common bond. The process and work involved in creating his "American Pickers" exhibit are the results of Rosa searching the back roads to discover hidden treasures.

Rosa lives in the Florida heartland surrounded by orange groves. One day he asked permission to spend time with the workers, and something magical happened. Inspiration grabbed him. Painting the scenes captured on his cell phone became an obsession. A few short hours amount the pickers in the groves resulted in sustained effort and energy for more than ten weeks as he worked to produce a series of pieces that he believes tells an important story.


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