Environmental Learning Center

Environmental Learning Center

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For over 30 years the Environmental Learning Center has been educating students in Indian River County with engaging environmental programs contracted through the School District. Thousands of residents have gained hands-on knowledge of the Indian River Lagoon creating memorable experiences that inspires environmental stewardship.

Boys With Dip Nets

Splash - 3rd Grade

Learn about adaptations and food webs while exploring the Discovery Station aquariums, touch tank and interactive exhibits. Dip-Netting in the Pond, Sensory Mangrove Marsh Walk, and Fascinating Florida Reptiles.

Lagoon Days - 4th Grade

Rotate through different stations covering components of the diverse IRL ecosystem; Seine Netting, Mangrove Marsh Walk, Canoeing, or Squid Dissection and Plankton Lab. 

Field Trip On The Water