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4th & 5th Grade Field Trips

The theme for Lagoon Days is Interconnections. You and your students will rotate through three stations, learning about different components of the Indian River Lagoon ecosystem. All activities are designed to illustrate how everything in the natural world fits together, interacts, and is interconnected.  Just like the pieces in a jigsaw puzzle! Our program builds on what the children learned at the ELC with Splash 3. Hands-on learning outdoors is the best way to understand what’s going on in the natural world! 

Lagoon Days Goals

  • To teach students about the natural world through hands-on learning adventures in the outdoors, building on what they learned at the ELC in 3rd grade.

  • To demonstrate the importance of interconnections in the environment – everything fits together, interacts, and is interconnected like puzzle pieces.

  • To cultivate an appreciation for the Indian River Lagoon, one of North America’s most diverse estuaries.

  • To develop a sense of stewardship for the earth’s resources and learn how individual actions directly affect the environment.

  • To provide authentic experiences that will help students comprehend and extend classroom instruction.

Contact or call 772-589-5050

General Information & Overview:

Teacher Packet Lagoon Days Program Overview

Lagoon Days Chaperone Letter

Lagoon Days Parent Letter

All-Terrain Wheelchair Waiver

Pre-Visit Resources & Activities:

Lagoon Days Vocabulary

Post-Visit Resources & Activities:

Indian River Lagoon Activity Book

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