Backyard Scavenger Hunt

Updated: Jul 2, 2020

Your backyard is waiting to be explored! Use this scavenger hunt to encourage your little ones to discover the living world all around them. Share your favorite finds with us in the comments on Facebook!

Children are natural scientists, and nature is the perfect place to encourage curiosity. Encourage your child to use multiple senses to learn about their world around them- what sounds do they hear in nature? What sights? What smells? Ask open ended questions to encourage your child to think about what they have discovered and make sense of what they are observing. As always, remember that safety is important when exploring nature. Help your child be mindful of where they put their hands and feet, and remember to be respectful when observing animals.

Suggested Activity: Use this scavenger hunt as a guide for your child to explore, observe, and discover the natural world in their own backyard.

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