ELC Donor Spotlight: Joan Edwards

Joan Edwards is leaving a legacy at the Environmental Learning Center.

Joan is passionate about the environment and enjoyed spending time on the Indian River Lagoon, boating, and fishing.

"My marriage for almost 40 years was enriched by a man, Allen Edwards, who loved nature and taught me to love it too. We spent much of our volunteer time giving to the Environmental Learning Center— he as a board member and foundation director and me as a teacher, nature guide, birder, and project and fundraiser member. Lagoon Days for 4th grades started out at our dock when I taught at Osceola Elementary many years ago,” said Joan.

Allen was an avid fisherman and served as a committee member studying seagrasses. He was also one of the founding board members and treasurer when the ELC was being built. Having knowledge due to being a CPA and estate planner, he helped the ELC set up a foundation and processed their charitable trust with ELC as the beneficiary.

Joan retired as a 4th grade teacher and gifted teacher. She taught Florida history and ecology and remembers making bird flashcards for the children to study. An active volunteer at the ELC, she committed more than 4,000 hours of volunteer service ten years ago, participating in events and fundraising and continues to narrate the ELC’s beloved pontoon boat tours.

Thank you Joan Edwards for your gifts of time, talent and treasure to the ELC!

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