ELC Pontoon Boat Now Wheelchair Accessible

Updated: Jan 5

The Environmental Learning Center (ELC) is proud to announce that we can now have guests with wheelchairs on our beloved pontoon boat excursions. With our new roll-a-ramp, a portable, aluminum ramp that gently gets the guests from the dock to the pontoon boat, all guests can now enjoy this beautiful boat trip on the Indian River Lagoon.

The Environmental Learning Center’s mission is to educate, inspire and empower all people to be active stewards of the environment and their own well-being. With our pontoon boat now being easily accessible, we are carrying out our mission to reach all people.

In addition to the ELC’s wheelchair ramp, we also have all-terrain wheelchairs for those who would like to explore the campus and admire the natural world around them.

The ELC is proud to give our community and visitors unique opportunities to immerse themselves in nature.


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