ELC's New EcoSteps Campaign

Our step by step guide to become an Eco Warrior!

We live by our mission to "educate, inspire and empower all people to be active stewards of the environment and their own well-being."

Our new EcoSteps campaign is designed to

  • Educate our community on simple steps they can take to help the planet and their own health

  • Inspire others by sharing their actions on social media with #ELCEcoSteps

  • Empower each other by creating long lasting eco friendly habits that are hard to break

Get Involved!

Each month we will highlight a new EcoStep that we ask you to do and share a picture of yourself doing on social media.


Share your pictures on your social media account with our hashtag or comment on one of our weekly posts. If you don't have social media, email us your picture to education@discoverelc.org and we'll post them for you!


Show us your reusable water bottle in use!

Take a picture of you using your reusable water bottle and post it on social media with #ELCEcoSteps!

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