ELC Sponsor Highlight: Suds-N-Shine Car Wash in Vero Beach

Updated: Nov 30, 2020

Suds-N-Shine Car Wash Vero Beach is an environmentally friendly alternative for washing your car. Stop washing your car in the driveway! Take a break and go to Suds-N-Shine!

Committed to the environment

Suds-N-Shine Car Wash is a family-owned and operated local business serving Vero Beach since 2006. They are committed to the environment by providing a place to wash vehicles without worrying about dirt, oils, greases and auto fluids running off into storm drains which pollute our waterways. In addition to preventing runoff, they are committed to donating a portion of their profits to local non-profits that have a mission to protect, restore, and educate on environmental issues.

Did you know that washing your vehicle in the driveway leads to the nutrient pollution that is effecting our Indian River Lagoon. Both the Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) and the Indian River Lagoon National Estuary Program urge you to wash your vehicle at a car wash rather than at home. Everyone can do their small part to protect the environment with something as simple as washing your car at a car wash. Take a break and head to Suds-N-Shine to show your commitment to the environment and support for the ELC!

Supporting the ELC

Owners Mark and Mary Sammartino, says Suds-N-Shine chose to support the ELC because of our commitment to educating others to be good stewards of the environment and providing a wonderful space to connect people to nature. They are also very proud of ELC’s Junior interpreter and GreenTeen! programs where their son was involved for many years, inspiring him to go on to major in Coastal Environmental Science.

Suds-N-Shine is a gold sponsor of the ELC that helps to support our environmental education programs and campus improvements to ensure we remain a vital outlet for our community to connect with nature. The ELC is grateful for the support from this local business helping to improve the water quality in our lagoon!

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