Educational Art Flooring for the ELC

Updated: Oct 6, 2020

The ELC needs your help to bring our Discovery Station to life!

Bring our Discovery Station to life! The ELC provides hands-on, immersive learning in our Discovery Station. With over 15,000 visitors a year, the Discovery Station teaches and entertains guests through aquariums, touch tank and interactive rotating displays and exhibits.

Ecosystem immersion is the most effective way to teach. With our proposed epoxy ecosystem flooring, the entire room would be a learning experience, from top to bottom. We are planning to create a total of five different ecosystems throughout the Discovery Station.

Experts in the concrete coatings industry, Unicorn Epoxy will complete this unique project for the ELC. Unicorn Epoxy works with over 200 different products, has installed hundreds of thousands of dollars worth of materials and has been involved in over 500 unique installation projects over the last 10 years.


  • Unicorn Epoxy offers world proven beauty and durability for stunning, functional floor systems

  • Unicorn Epoxy has been recognized for their work at an international level

  • Experienced installers working with concrete and epoxy, offering expert artistry and installation with the best materials

  • The final product is a creation of realistic pieces without the use of any decals or pre-made artwork


Our goal is to provide an immersive, educational ecosystem flooring in our Discovery Station. Imagine our Discovery Station with brighter, artistic and colorful flooring showcasing the many ecosystem habitats around the Environmental Learning Center. We want to give our guests that immersive experience.


You may choose to do one ecosystem or more!

  • $7,000 - price of one ecosystem 

  • $32,500 - price of all ecosystems

Naming Opportunities

Your name could be painted in the epoxy ecosystem flooring as well as displayed on the Discovery Station signage.

Thank you to Florida Power and Light for our first $5,000 donation towards this project!

Print the informational flyer for this fundraising project:

Unicorn Epoxy Sponsorship Package
PDF • 4.48MB

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