Family Activities on the Treasure Coast

This summer the ELC launch our new Lagoon Island Family Adventures! Just because school has started doesn't mean we are stopping this outdoor fun. See what the families that have joined us had to say and BOOK YOUR ADVENTURE NOW!

Our lagoon holds a wondrous variety of aquatic life. ELC and their knowledge staff are the key to unlocking that world!

The ELC provides an absolutely excellent family / group adventure suitable for all ages. If you enjoy the great outdoors, do not hesitate to book an adventure with the ELC as you will not be disappointed. Professional and caring staff will guide you to enjoy new learning experiences and an all around wonderful time. They do a great job!

Our Lagoon Island Family Adventures are the prefect family activities on the Treasure Coast. These private tours led by an ELC educator allowing outdoor exploration in a safe and fun learning environment. Choose from getting up close with the marine life in our aquariums and see a fish feeding, or head out to the lagoon with a seine net to see what you catch. Stay on land and learn the basics of survival skills and shelter building. There is something for every age and interest! See our full list of activities and more information - LAGOON ISLAND FAMILY ADVENTURES

Please keep up the great work! You are extremely professional, knowledgeable, personable, enthusiastic, and cheerful. What a pleasure to enjoy your group adventure. It was the best! Our family had a terrific time, and will remember it for many years to come. We are looking forward to our next adventure with you soon!


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