February 2021 Environmental Volunteer News

Updated: Feb 1

The latest news and opportunities for environmental volunteers in Indian River County, Florida.

Don't forget!

We thank our ELC volunteers for their hard work and generosity with their time and talents! If you haven't yet, please remember to record your hours using the link below. As a nonprofit, we apply for many grants that ask for the total amount of volunteer hours to show the organization has a dedicated volunteer base. Help us make sure all hours are accounted for and please share with your volunteer friends!



Upcoming Volunteer Opportunities

If you are interested in any of the following volunteering opportunities please contact nancy@discoverelc.org

Help with campus restorations

We need help painting, mulching and with general landscape cleanup. You can work at your convenience with the help of our Facilities Manager, Ray. He will be on campus to set you up with the proper equipment and directions on what to do. This is a great way to safely volunteer outside, in a small group, or by yourself.

Loose Plastics Recycling Initiative

We are looking for a few volunteers who are interested in helping with our loose plastics recycling initiative that we have started with Indian River County. It involves picking up the (clean) bundles of loose plastics (including plastic bags, wraps, and plastic air packets that come in shipping boxes) and taking them to convenience centers.

2021 Annual Fundraiser

We are gearing up for our annual fundraiser event happening this March. We need help with procuring silent auction items, sponsors and selling tickets.

Help Promote ELC

Do you like to get around town? We need help distributing and replenishing rack cards at area businesses and volunteers to host an ELC information table at area events. For the information table at events, all of the equipment is provided: tent, chair, flyers, etc.

Upcoming Events

Here we highlight some of our upcoming events that we think would be enjoyed by our different groups of volunteers:

A Sense of Place (FREE for Roving Nature Guides)

Join in this unique virtual experience! ELC along with nature centers in Montana, New Mexico, and Ohio are bringing our communities together to examine our connections with the land and our regional “sense of place” through the written word.

In this series, we will explore four different regions in the US, expanding on connection to the natural history and cultural experiences in each area. Each week will be led by one of the four partnering organizations and feature writings curated to represent their distinct region.

This is a great opportunity to explore your sense of place in our region, learn about nature centers and places around the country, and connect with other nature enthusiasts near and far!


REE for ELC Board of Directors, Staff and volunteer Roving Nature Guides.

Mark your calendars: The group will meet for five weeks on Thursdays at 1 PM EST starting on February 11 and continuing on February 11, 18, and 25, and on March 4 and 11.

The cost to participate in this five-part series is $25. Consider gifting this experience to family or friends!

Register through ELC by visiting the following link: https://elc.donorshops.com/product/SenseofPlace-VirtualReadings/a-sense-of-place-virtual-event

Historic Jungle Trail Bike Tour

The Jungle Trail Bicycle tour is a comfortably paced eight-mile tour of the Historic Jungle Trail. The tour starts and ends at Captain Forster's Hammock Preserve and includes several interpretive spots where you will learn about the history of the Jungle Trail, Capt. Forster's Preserve, and more.

The bicycle tour is designed such that people with a basic level of fitness can complete the entire tour in the time allotted. The Jungle Trail is open to automobile traffic and biker must be able to pedal for two hours (with stops). However, if you are not able to complete the tour, the entire length of the route is accessible by motor vehicle and either your emergency contact or a guide will be able to rescue you and your bicycle by motor vehicle after the tour has ended. Our guides are able to fix most common problems like flat tires and broken chains. If, however, a problem arises that cannot be fixed, the same rescue procedure as described above can be used.


Thank you for Landscaping!

A special thank you goes out to all of our dedicated volunteers who helped us prep and landscape the new ELC native plant lagoonside event and eatery area over two weekends in January! They did great work and helped us towards the official launch of this new area for people to relax and enjoy munching in the shade of the trees with a great view of the lagoon.

First, on January 17, our wonderful volunteers came out on a spectacular weather day to help us landscape prep in our new lagoonside guest area. Particular thanks to ELC’s Jan, Ray, Will, and Christine as well as Deb Avery, Pam O’Donnell , and Robin Pelensky from Sunrise Rotary and Janice Broda from Eugenia Chapter of the Native Plant Society.

Then, on January 24th we had 26 incredible volunteers helped us bring our beautiful new ELC native plant lagoonside event and eatery area a little closer to reality. We are almost there!

We have a few finishing touches but this area will be ready for the public sometime in February. We love it so much and can’t wait for the community to enjoy it. 

Thank you again to the Native Plant Society, Sunrise Rotary, ELC faithful and IRC charter high students.  Special thanks to Janice Broda, Allan McCarthy, Robin Pelensky (of Surlaterre), Spencer Porteous (owner of Digg Gardens), and Ray Weatherdon our hard-working ELC Facilities Manager. We are so grateful!

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