How wide is your wingspan

A behind the scenes look at the ELC's latest exhibit.

Looking up into the sky you might often see the wings of a soaring bird. From ground level they wingspan my only look to be inches wide. The ELC's new "How Wide is Your Wingspan?" exhibit will help to demystify the length of these birds' wings and allow you to measure up. Are you a an osprey or an ibis?

This exhibit was created by ELC educator Heather Feather with the help of local Artist and ELC supporter Sandra Johnson. Below are the steps of creation from start to finish:

The first step was to project the image of the bird onto a white board where Heather could trace the outline, and create the template for wood cutting. Then she cut each bird out of wood and perfected their shapes. Next, the birds were sent to Sandra Johnson for painting as well as the beautiful ocean-scape background. Finally, with the help of ELC's maintenance manager Ray, the birds were glued onto the background and the exhibit was ready to be hung in the display area.

Come check out this beautiful new exhibit, take a picture, and share how wide your wingspan is using #DiscoverELC.

Artist Sandra Johnson measuring her wingspan with her beautiful art work!

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