Identifying Florida Ants

There are around 10 different kinds of ants found in Florida, many of whom are living in our very own backyards. A way to identify the different species is to attract them with different kinds of food.

By participating in the Citizen Science project (http://studentsdiscover.org/lesson/ant-picnic/), you can see first-hand how tiny, wild and diverse your backyard really is.

Getting antsy? Host an ant picnic.

Identify the different species of ant in your very own backyard by participating in this Citizen Science Picnic; You will see first-hand how tiny, wild and diverse your backyard really is!

PROJECT: http://studentsdiscover.org/lesson/ant-picnic/

ANT ID: http://turfmasterlawn.com/florida-ant-identification/

Suggested Activity:

Make an ant picnic card using food from your kitchen.

More on ants!




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