Updated: Oct 14, 2020

MANG—Making a Difference One Mangrove at a Time

“Wanna grow mangroves?” Kyle Rossin said to his brother Keith five years ago.

And so it began. Keith and Kyle Rossin are twin brothers who came to plant over 100 mangrove trees near the Sebastian Inlet just two weeks ago, later boating to the ELC for a quick tour of our campus. But what led them to this mangrove-planting journey?

It all started when co-founder Kyle Rossin and his friend thought of creating a mangrove camouflage that would fund planting mangroves to protect our local ecosystem. They sat around with a group of about seven people and MANG’s Buy One. Plant One initiative was born.

This dynamic duo started their company, MANG back in 2015 and launched its first products—a performance shirt and a single hat to fund their first local mangrove restoration project in North Palm Beach. Now, the company just celebrated its fifth birthday and has grown to a large selection of products, helping plant over 250,000 mangroves (…and counting).

Kyle has his degree in Environmental Studies from the Florida Gulf Coast University and Keith has his degree in Horticulture from Palm Beach Atlantic. Together their small but mighty team, consisting much of family, had a mission of not only mangrove and ecosystem restoration, but also education for the next generation of eco-warriors.

They also realized that this project was a larger issue—from the salinity levels, hurricanes and all of the other factors that has created this worldwide problem— in 2018, they began planting internationally to make a positive change for countries and coastlines affected by deforestation and pollution across the globe.

“They’re the AC of the world,” said Keith. “Without having healthy mangroves, we’re not keeping the carbon down.”

These twin brothers are making a difference one mangrove at a time, and so can you!

Get involved— One of the ways that anyone can help is propagule collection. They have a step-by-step guide of how to collect and recognize healthy mangrove propagules and seeds. It’s simple—collect the propagules when you’re walking the beach, in our waterways or even at the ELC (we have plenty!), store them in a bucket and drop them off at a drop-off location near you.

Keith and Kyle are leading a movement for environmental change and are true eco-warriors. The time is now to join the movement because everyone deserves a healthy planet.

A family business—Keith and Kyle’s Aunt Sherri designs all of the t-shirts! A lot of designs feature non-profits they work with—stay tuned for 2021! They are also launching an organic cotton line and aim to have completely sustainable packaging at the end of this year.

Pic of Boat—the twins boated over from the Sebastian Inlet area after they had just planted 100 mangroves with the help of FLDEP and FWC and took a tour of the ELC.

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