Micro Safari - Antlion Hunting

Updated: Jul 2, 2020

Antlions, also known as doodlebugs, are the larvae of a winged insect similar to a lacewing. In fact they are sometimes referred to as the antlion lacewings. They are found in areas of soft sand and from my experience, they seem to really like shady areas.

Antlions create cone-like traps in the sand and wait in the center of the bottom of the cone for prey to pass by. Once the ant or other small insect falls into the trap typically it can’t get back out because the design of the cone creates just the right steepness, making it nearly impossible to escape. At the same time the ant or other insect is trying to get up the sides, the antlion throws sand at the prey so it will fall to the bottom. Once in the bottom of the hole, the antlion grabs it’s next meal.

Most likely you can find these crazy critters in your backyard. They are a ton of fun to find and dig up. All you need is a spoon and something to put your antlion in. Once you find a cone, use your spoon to dig it up and then place it into your antlion container. Sift through the sand to see if you have found the antlion.

Suggested Activity:

Micro Safari - Antlion Hunting

All Ages


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