Mud Daubers

Updated: Jul 2, 2020

Get inspired by one of nature’s great engineers. Mud daubers wasps are known for their interesting and unique nests. Test your engineering skills by creating a model of a mud dauber wasp nest using materials you find in nature.

Mud daubers are solidary wasps known for their interesting nests. The female mud-dauber collects mud in her mandibles to create hollow tubes. Before sealing the tube, the female will lay one egg in each tube and fill the tube with spiders which will serve as food for the mud dauber larvae once it hatches from the egg. Mud dauber nests are often found on homes and under eaves.

Suggested Activity:

Using materials found in nature, see if you can create a model of a mud dauber nest.

Want to learn more about what is inside a mud dauber nest?

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