Sandhill Cranes

Updated: Jul 2, 2020

Sandhill cranes are distinctive bird that stand almost 4 feet tall and are readily identified by their call. In Florida, you can find both resident and migratory sandhill cranes. 4,000-5,000 sandhill cranes reside in Florida year-round, while 25,000 sandhill cranes migrate through the state annually.

Sandhill cranes are monogamous, and both the male and female care for the egg and the young. Sandhill cranes usually lay two eggs, which will be incubated for approximately 32 days.

The young are able to leave the nest within 24 hours to being foraging for food with their parents. Sandhill cranes eat a wide diet that include insects, spiders, berries, earthworms, and even frogs and lizards.

Sandhill cranes are often found in urban areas due to rapid development of their natural habitat. Additionally, mowed grass creates a suitable foraging area for these birds.

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