Vero Beach Nature Center

Updated: Oct 23, 2020

Our campus remains open 7 days a week, allowing you to #GetOutside and connect with nature. Check out some of latest exhibits and artwork!

Explore Campus

  • Discovery Station - meet some of the inhabitants of the Indian River Lagoon in our aquarium, and get an up-close experience with the critters in our touch tank. Learn who lives in our local ecosystem and how you can reduce your impact on the environment.

  • Art Galleries - we host rotating exhibits of nature art from local artists. Visit the Tidal Gallery (in our entry pavilion) and the Lagoon Room (next to the Discovery Station) to explore the beauty of nature through art.

  • Native Plant Garden - take a walk through native Florida and learn about the flora in our hammock habitat and why it is so important to wildlife and the health of our local environment.

  • Nature playscape - experience wild and free play in the trees, dig in the sand, and build a fort in the field. Our nature playscape offers a space for kids of all ages to explore and engage their creativity in the outdoors.

  • Imagination station - let your child's imagination run free as they make mud pies in the outdoor kitchen

  • Chickee Hut Hideout - A quick wander through the woods, not far from the imagination station, will bring you to our adaptation of a Seminole Chickee built to recognize the original inhabitants of Florida. This type of structure was used as a fast disposable shelter when the tribe was being pursued by invaders.

  • Docks on the Lagoon - You can visit 4 different docks offering stunning views of the Indian River Lagoon and a place to sit and relax as you try to spot the wildlife above and below the water. At the canoe dock, you might spot a dolphin or osprey, at the pontoon dock, you can see pelicans diving for food or maybe a manatee. From our teaching platform, you can see what lives in the water below and on the mangrove trees. Finally, make your way to George's Blind for a serene experience in the mangroves.

  • Citizen Science Walk - Become a citizen scientist and contribute to data collection from our 4 different citizen science stations. Start at the Weather observation station and record the current conditions. Visit the canoe dock to use a Secchi disk and test the turbidity of the lagoon water. Stop by the pond to watch for and learn about migratory dragonflies.

  • ELC Mangrove Watch - Help monitor the mangrove forest and contribute to a time-lapse video just by using your cellphone. Talk a walk through the mangroves trails to find George's Perch and the Chronolog Mangrove Watch citizen science station. In just 3 easy steps you can participate!

  • Butterfly garden - Wander through our butterfly garden to see what's blooming and have a seat by our otter fountain. This little fountain is home to small fish and occasional tadpoles that are fun for kids to watch and observe.

  • Pond exploration - Get your feet wet in our pond! If dip nets and magnifying glasses are available, step into the pond to catch and release the critters that you find. Please remember not to touch any critters with your bare hand, and always keep them in water!


  • Enjoy a peaceful walk through the mangrove forest on our raised boardwalks. Sit at George's Blind and take in the quiet atmosphere while you peer into the lagoon to observe life in the water.

  • Stop at George's Perch for a look out over the mangrove forest. Here you can participate in our Chronolog Mangrove Watch project.

  • Take a canoe or kayak out onto the lagoon and paddle through the mangrove tunnels and relax in the peacefulness of this majestic forest.


  • Use your imagination during outdoor free play at our Imagination Station, and find our Tiki hut in the trees.

  • Become an animal detective as you watch quietly for the wildlife that emerge in center field and look out for animals tracks near our pond and picnic area.

  • Take a Biocube scavenger hunt to take a closer look at what lives on the ELC campus and learn about this international project.

  • Take our guided audio tour with stops found throughout campus.


  • Explore our Native Plant Walk in the native plant garden to learn more about how we are connected to our local environment and what you can do to help.

  • Take a tour of our Butterfly Garden to see if you can spot the rare Atala butterfly or our state butterfly, the Zebra Longwing (pictured right).

  • Participate in our Citizen Science Walk to learn more about real science you can participate in here and at home.

  • Measure your wingspan at our "How Wide is Your Wingspan" exhibit and compare it to common birds found in the area, their sizes will impress you!

Don't forget to visit our exhibit "An Outdoor Revolution"

with photography from Brian LaPersonerie

All of this in included with our reduced admission during COVID. $5 for adults and children 12 years and up. Pay admission online - VISIT US

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