Travel the world in your yard!

Updated: Jul 2, 2020

If you are getting restless and dreaming of foreign lands, this activity is for you! Take a journey to see pieces of exotic places by learning about the plants in your yard. You probably don’t realize that many of the plants you see quite regularly actually originated far from your home.

We will be using the iNaturalist app and the ELC ‘Travel the world in your yard’ Scorecard to understand the plants we find in our yard, where they come from, and how they might impact our local environment.

Knowing where the plants on our property come from is important to help our local ecosystem thrive. If you find that you have invasive plants, be sure to follow up with the proper procedure for removal to minimize their negative effects.

Suggested Activity:

ELC Travel the world through your yard scorecard. Complete your journey with the ELC Scorecard at your side. Choose 5 plants from your property, observe them with the iNaturalist app, and find out if they are native, exotic or invasive. Share your findings with the ELC community through the comment section on FB or blog.

Click HERE to access your ELC Scorecard.

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