Vero Goes Zero waste campaign to reduce plastic

Reduce your plastic consumption with these alternatives. The ELC offers it's Conscious Consumer Guide and we share a Plastic Alternatives Catalog from Coastal Connections.

Plastic is a problem. It is found in nearly every corner of the Earth and remains there for decades, harming humans, wildlife, and ecosystems. Plastics in the ocean are eaten by birds and marine life, and microplastics are found in our Indian River Lagoon. But we still have hope...

Luckily YOU are the solution! Start reducing your plastic waste with the ELC's Conscious Consumer guide and Coastal Connection's Plastic Alternatives Catalog for 2020.

  • Hosting a party? Use reusable plates and utensils OR one of the various biodegradable products in the guides.

  • Grabbing a coffee? Bring your own cup and straw OR keep a pack of bamboo straws in your car in case you forget.

  • Ordering take out? Ask your favorite restaurants if their food comes in biodegradable take-out containers. If not, please share these guides and let them know how going zero waste can help their business!

Have more questions? Contact and we are happy to help you #gozero!

The ELC's Conscious Consumer Guide
PDF • 130KB

2020_Plastic Alternative Catalog by CCin
• 1.02MB

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