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Environmental Learning Center

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Jake Owen, Country Music Star

“On my first visit to the ELC my eyes were opened to the environment around us, its importance in our daily lives, and of the critical role we play in its stewardship. Over the years, when I have returned, my deep appreciation for the beauty of the Indian River Lagoon has increased along with having a deeper respect for the fragile nature of this important community resource. Thank you ELC for continuing your many educational programs for children and adults alike. You are indeed one of the true treasures of our Treasure Coast.”

Carl Hiaasen, Author & Columnist

“If there had been an organization like the Environmental Learning Center when I was growing up, South Florida would be an infinitely better place today, both for humans and wildlife. Indian River County is extremely fortunate to have the ELC, where so many children (and parents) have had their eyes and hearts opened to the essential connection between nature and mankind. A whole generation of new guardians for the Indian River Lagoon has been created at a critical time for saving that miraculous waterway. Congratulations to everyone connected with the ELC, from the donors to the volunteers, for 25 years of making a huge difference.” 


Debra Frasier, Author & Illustrator

“People save what they love and the ELC has seen to it that Indian River County’s schoolchildren experience the lagoon with their hands, minds, and hearts. By making hands-on watershed education the centerpiece of their mission, the ELC has grown a generation of children-to-adults that understand the bigger picture in a way that no generation before has comprehended. This is exactly the kind of citizens we need to manage a world where we finally understand that everything is connected to everything else. Indian River County has been smart enough, and lucky enough, to see how an asset like the Environmental Learning Center affects the entire area’s future health. Congratulations on 25 years of such amazing work.”

John Walsh, Host of America’s Most Wanted

“The Indian River Lagoon and the people who live here are what make our community such a unique place. The Environmental Learning Center plays an important role in educating and connecting us to the natural wonderland that surrounds us. By reaching out to children, the ELC has made, and continues to make, a positive impact on the caretakers of the future.”