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June 2023 Message from Executive Director, Barbara Schlitt Ford

Summer has arrived and we are ready! Our full line up of weekly camps for 6-13 year olds starts Monday and we still have room for some kiddos that are ready for some outdoor, hands-on, feet-wet fun!

We want to wish all of you a summer full of memorable adventures. I always loved school (thank you to all teachers and school support staff!), but I was so thrilled when that last day of school came around each year and I was set loose with my neighborhood pals to have big blocks of time to play and explore. I might help build a fort in the woods, tool around on my bike (look no hands!) or on my little blue go-cart or skateboard, build sandcastles at the beach, boat with my family, play Marco Polo in the pool, try to reach the clouds in the sky with my feet while going as high as I could on the swings, climb our big tree, play sneak into the camp at night, run in the rain, make mud pies, chase butterflies, make up stories, target practice with my bow and arrow, act silly, sing and dance. These are the simple joy-filled memories I was lucky enough to have my childhood made of. What were some of your favorite things as a kid? It’s these unstructured moments of outdoor freedom strung together that create the treasured mental movie reel of my youth. I hope we all take time to do some of those childhood things this summer, and if you have a little one in your life I hope you share this magic with them.

The ELC provides wild open space, freedom, nature play and awe experiences for kids and adults alike. We just love it when adults visit campus and tell us all about the special childhood memories they made on our campus, and we feel especially pleased when adults that visit our campus tell us that they felt like a child again for the day while with us.

Unplug from the busyness of life, discover what makes you happy, connect with yourself and loved ones, and the natural world of which we are a part. Do this at the ELC, or wherever you may be, in the summer of 2023!

May we be forever young, at heart!


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